Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Night Before Kindergarten

School starts tomorrow. School starts tomorrow! School starts tomorrow!!!

Yesterday was a great day....we went to Chuck e Cheese as a family and played and played and played.

Today...well....lets just say mama was internalizing the stress of sending Dallas off for his first day of Kindergarten. Was Dallas nervous? NO! He couldn't be more excited.

I of course was checking lunchboxes, checking back packs, checking lists, checking, checking, checking. And then when it was time to go to bed I went to get the "The Night Before Kindergarten" book to read to Dallas. Of course it's missing....and we own 2 copies! Then it was my mission to find this book. I was almost in tears upset because I couldn't find this silly book, as if his first day of Kindergarten depended on it.

I know he will be just fine. I know he is in good hands. Ahhhh....take a deep breath Cricket....breath....

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