Saturday, August 7, 2010

Amazing Aspergers Video

Choosing to celebrate the hardships God has placed in my path and going one step further and calling them blessings instead of hardships is where I would like to be. It's those quiet little moments when I see a glimmer of Gods love that gives me the fuel to keep going. It's clips like the one I have linked that remind me of the joy in my life, because all too often, especially on a bad day, it's hard to see the sunshine in the rain. But today I reminded of the strengths of Aspergers and how much farther Dallas will go in life because he has it, because he's been wired differently, because he can do things I can't.

This morning I woke up stressed about the choice for Dallas school next year. Not that I really have much choice in where he goes (the school we are zoned for is definatly a no go, he's still on the waiting list for the charter school Boston is going to, and homeschoo for him would be very difficult with the two little ones always interupting-he needs consistcy and being interupted isn't good). I have felt total peace about the school he is going to next year until this morning. Dallas has had a great week at the beach. While Boston and Asher kept getting in trouble, Dallas came out smelling like a rose. He was so well behaved! Then this morning I started thinking about the "special" class he is going to be in a piece of me started to freak out. I'm trusting God that he will show me the way and open doors that need to be opened. I know His plan is perfect and His timing is perfect and I just need to rest in that.

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