Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bookshelf makeover

I saw this idea for using rain gutter as a bookshelf and I thought this was going to be perfect for our family. It was so super, super, super easy to do too! I cut and hung this one while dinner was in the oven. :-) This is the bottom bunk and I plan on installing on above the head and also install on the upper bunk as well.
The biggest reason I'm doing it is to make it easier for the boys to put their books away. My boys love to read, especially at bedtime. Boston and Dallas each has a light in their bed and they can read for a little while before going to sleep. But in the morning there is a huge pile of books on the floor and they aren't allowed to go play until they are picked up. And they quickly put them on the bookshelf any way they can get them in there. Of course the perfectionist in me cringes wanting all the books to be sorted by size and standing up straight. Of course the mama in me has learned that perfectionism cannot be expected of my boys.
Problem solved. This new bookshelf makes it possible for them to put them away easily AND they look nice. Another bonus is that it makes it easier for them to find books.
Interested in making your own....check out the tutorial on this blog....

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