Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jess and a visit to UCF

Jess, my college best friend, came last night with her two oldest kids to spend the night. It was so much fun. The kids were giddy with excitement all day waiting for them to arrive and once they got here the loud fun began.
Sydney is seen here kissing (or chewing) on Bonnie's nose. Asher is in the background. He sure LOVED playing with Bonnie. Movie night with daddy while mommy and Jess went to UCF to pay our old stomping grounds a much needed visit. It's been 10 years since we graduated and there are so many new buildings and a stadium and more that we were turned around at many points. But it was sooooo much fun! We even snuck into the theatre and looked around letting the memory bank run over with fond memories of college fun.
Here I am in front of the box office....many hours were spent in here when I wasn't busy in rehearsal or on stage. Jess was usually on duty with me in here as well since were were both on scholarships with the theatre department. I'm not sure we considered it scholarships anymore once we realized how many hours we had to serve in box office duty. But they were great memories none the less. Jess out in front of the TheatreAnd after we walked around we headed over to Applebees. When we went to school here their were only a handful of places to eat and this was the most popular one. Jess and I could be seen frequently here before we headed over to rehearsal to get quesadillas and mudslide. So you can guess what we ordered while there! Bonnie walking around with Sydney.
The boys getting one last game in before they had to leave this morning.
If so great to have a best friend you can share old memories with and even better when you make new ones with your ever growing family (8 kids between us two.) And even our kids have a close bond.

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