Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's time for Baseball!

We as a family have put off sports for a while because we wanted to focus on family time together instead of running here and there and not having quality time as a family at meal time and such. The kids have always had swim lessons off and on. Boston played two seasons of basketball last year and Dallas did consistent swimming. They both decided they really wanted to play baseball this fall so we signed them up with the Y. Tonight was their first practice. They are on separate teams with kids their age.

Boston was first. He amazed me and the coach. When he threw the ball it was SOOOO FAST and FAR! The only baseball he's done before was with me or Sean in the backyard. What an arm this kid has! And when he was up to practice batting each kid got 5 pitches thrown to them and Boston was the only one that hit all 5 balls. Looks like my little lefty might have a future in baseball.

Dallas had practice next. I was really impressed with how focused he was and how patient he was standing at the base he was assigned. They would rotate so they could learn each position. Dallas looked like a little pro out there and explained to me, "You have to be patient while you wait for the ball mom." He did really good hitting. Funny thing is that he hits like a right handed person but he's a lefty. Sean wants them both to hit with their right so they could learn to be switch hitters. He too has a great throw.

On a side note: Sean was in Tampa at a Rays game that his clients took him too. We raced home after practice to see if we could see Daddy on tv at a REAL baseball game!

So looks like we might be spending a lot of time at ball games! (note my picture of Dallas' leftie glove)

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Anonymous said...

I hope the boys love baseball. We enjoyed our adventures with Nick's little league in Spring 2008. His LL team was the Rays so we adopted the real TB Rays team and visited several of their Spring Training games. It was a lot of fun to do as a family.

Sue M
Apopka FL