Monday, May 24, 2010

Starting "5 Things I'm Thankful For"

5 things I'm thankful for today:

  1. My baby girl smiling at me...because I'm her mommy
  2. My oldest son sitting in the passenger seat talking to me about anything and everything
  3. Asher finally giving up his pacifier...or as he so fondly calls it "UhOh"
  4. Dallas - for who is is right here and now
  5. Getting to workout with Rebecca at the Y

I once heard that you should write down 5 things you are thankful for everyday and then at the end of the month take all of those and pick the top 5 you are thankful for that month. Then at the end of the year you can see this amazing list of the things you have been thankful for all year long. I've been meaning to start this for 7+ years now....and now is the time!

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