Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Boston's prayer for Logan

When Boston was in Kindergarten there was a boy in his class named Logan. During show and tell one week Boston brought in his Bible man costume. He was so proud of this costume! But when I picked him up from school that day he was sad. I asked why and he told me that Logan made fun of his costume and said it was stupid (a very bad word in the Whitman household.) I said that Logan probably doesn't have Jesus in his heart so he doesn't understand how great this costume is and what it stands for. I said the best thing we could do was to pray for Logan that he would see that light in Boston and someday come to have Jesus in his heart too. Boston prayed this some two years ago.....

(picture of Logan and Boston at Green Meadows farm in Kindergarten, Oct 2008)

At Boston's last basketball game this year he played another team that had Logan as one of its players. Boston was excited to see his old classmate again. Then Tuesday night at the last basketball get together of the season they had a Harlem Globetrotter speak and at the end he explained what is was to have Jesus in your heart and then prayed the prayer for whomever to join in. Finally he asked if anyone prayed that prayer with him to come forward. Well wouldn't you know that the third person to walk up was Boston's old classmate Logan. Boston was over sitting with his team and he quickly turned around and smiled at me, pointed and said, "Look mom! Logan went up!!!" Afterward he couldn't stop talking about the fact that Logan had asked Jesus into his heart and how great that was! He remembered that 23 kids made a confession of faith that night and is stil talking about it. I'm so proud of my little boy! I told him that because of his love and his prayer for Logan that he helped Logan get to where he is now in his faith. What a great thing that at this young age in his life he has already seen the power of prayer in moving someone's heart to Jesus. Praise God!!

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