Sunday, May 30, 2010

Boston's 1st Basketball Season

Boston played his first organized sport this year. He finished up last week playing Upward Basketball and he had a great time. We were lucky enough to be on a great team with great coaches, including the youth pastor at the church. It was a great stepping stone into sports, teaching them good sportsmanship and how to be a great teammate. Boston has some learning to do but he has an amazing shot. During warm ups he would get almost every shot he made. But a lot of the time during the game he acted more like a spectator than an actual player on the team, which was cute in a way. But by the end of the season he was blocking, getting open and learning to get under the basket for a rebound. I'm so proud of him and I'm especially proud of his hard work, good sportsmanship (for which he earned two white starts for Christ like attitude during the short season) and attitude even when they lost all but 1 game all season.
Ironically Boston ended up being the same number that Sean was when he played basketball in high school and from what I understand he was a star athlete.

There's my boy shooting his awesome shot!

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