Friday, March 26, 2010

Worm Farm

We had a homeschool field trip today to the worm farm out in Apopka. I never even knew such a place existed. The boys were super excited about it and Dallas got to go because he didn't have any school today at his preschool. Boston was very interested and excited to be there with all his friends. Dallas on the other had held back and wanted to sit with me. The room we were in was very small and there were lots of us in there so I'm sure that might have been a little overwelming for him. Asher of course was Mr Social but I tired to keep him close....and the while having Sydney strapped to me in a sling.

I only wish I could have heard all that our guide had to seems pretty interesting...but I had to chase after Dallas and Asher most of the time.

Here the first room where they learned so much about worms.
WORMS! This was about the only time Dallas was interested at all the whole day
Boston making his own worm farm

now adding the dirt.....and finally the worms.Asher ran around, collected rocks and was just being silly I ended up giving Dallas my iphone so he would stop getting into trouble
Boston smelling Thyme
Asher hanging out with his buddy Lucas
And here is Sydney all snug as a bug in the sling. She slept the whole time thank goodness. But she's too big now for the sling, until she can sit up and I can carry her on my hip. I can't believe at 7 weeks she's already too big for this thing. But my girlfriend Michelle had sent me hers and I think Sydney is now just big enough for that one. Yah.
The homeschooling group. Although Boston is my only kid present in this pic. Dallas and Asher didn't want to be in it. Boston is standing behind the teacher.

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