Thursday, March 11, 2010

Boston is growing up

My Boston is growing up. Today I realized it when I sent him for his raincoat before heading out for his first basketball practice and he came out not wearing the raincoat, but only a frown. When I asked why he didn't have it we walked I to his room and he pointed at the yellow raincoat with a firetruck in it (all the boys have the same one) and said he was too old for it, it was for babies. I froze. My baby had grown up. He cared about what he wore. He cared what others thought of his clothes. So I grabbed his wind breaker, a size 10 I might add, and very "cool" looking and he smiled and said that was great.

But it all made me think, all those people who have always said cherish these young days. The days where he wants to sit in my lap, even if he weighs 69lbs and it's killing me. Cherish his wonderful hugs, his compasion for my heart, and his stories, plays, and games he wants me to be a part of. In a blink of an eye he will be grown up. Too old to hang with mommy. He'll have friends to play with and things to do. But right now I have his full attention. Right now he wants to spend time with me. So that housework can wait. The laundry may get behind and there may be dishes in the sink, but I will have these memories to hold on to. And that's way more important.

So I pray that I can remember what is most important and what can wait. I'm so blessed with 4 wonderful children who love me. My heart is so full!!!

- Cricket

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