Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Painting outside

There's nothing like getting outside with the kids for some fun....with my camera in hand. I had a roll of this stuff we had to put under our flooring when we installed it. It was a whole roll left over and I figured it would come in handy for something. While I was wanting to do something fun outside in this beautiful weather I thought what better to do with it than paint! So here's a few shots from our fun outside.

This is Boston who painted his face to look like some bad guy from Indiana Jones

Boston loves to draw...but today he kept getting a little distracted with painting himself! ha! He even mentioned if he painted his whole face he would look like one of the guys from blue man group. I suggested that I didn't think that was such a good idea with this paint. At least we had a good time hosing off....wish the camera could have gotten that too.Asher loves to draw and paint with anything....and when left alone has been known to find his way to my bathroom and use my makeup to color on the walls....and let me say it doesn't easily come off. He seems to be my most interested in making his drawings just perfect at this age. And if you look at them it's lots of very precise lines. He really concentrates when working on his artwork. So cute!
And Dallas was the only one that wanted to paint with his hands and feet, which was kind of the point. Boston and Asher wanted to use paint brushes and water to wash them out so they didn't mix the paint. Dallas wanted to mix them all up and get right in. Totally shocking for me that it was him that wanted his feet wet with paint!Boston thinking seriously about what to add next to his Tiger paintingMy precious, funny, energetic Asher Dallas - you gotta LOVE that smile! And of course he's in a costume....can't go home without one

and then there's always the silly face with Dallas. And one last shot for little Miss Sydney who slept through the paint expedition. She played in her new bouncy seat from Aunt Margie for the first time today. She's focusing and looking around so much more the last few days. Of course the boys wanted to play with all the bells and whistles on this thing whenever she was in it...sleeping or not.

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