Thursday, October 8, 2009

I love the mountain house. The fresh air, the coolness, the leaves, the's all so great. Only wish Sean was up here with us. We spent today enjoying the house, sledding down the big hill on the leaves, hiking around their land, feeding the fish in their pond. The kids had a blast!
Here's a bunch of pictures of Asher at this precious stage and the leaves as a perfect backdrop:

Getting Nena

Dallas enjoying the leaves as well I LOVE his smile!!
Horses mommy!!He loved to go over and say hi to the horsey whose name is "Moo"

Here's Moo

Asher growing up fast. He's 2 and a half now and about to be a big brother. Not gonna be my baby anymore! Hiking at the mountain house

Asher sledding down the hillBoston playing in the leavesBoston found a worm while exploring. They could spend hours out there exploring the streams and the forest. It's like a boys paradise!!!!

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