Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dallas update

Dallas had a follow up with his Neurologist today. She said she noticed big improvements in Dallas, and so do we! What a blessing!! He is still toe walking but we will continue to keep working on that and doing our physical therapies. He's muscles are tightened to the point where he will have to have surgery, and we are praying that doesn't happen. I think the listening therapy that we are doing through Occupational Therapy is working because he can focus for such longer periods of time!! And during school he's venturing out with drawing a coloring more and more each day, becoming more confident in his find motor skills each day. And he's learning to adjust to different circumstances regarding his sensory processing disorder. It's not perfect all the time but I'm so glad we were able to identify what is going on because I think since we have started helping so early on he will be much better off in the future!

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