Thursday, August 13, 2009

Maritial Arts try out class

The boys tried out a karate class tonight. I forget the exact form of marital arts it is but its a form of tae kwon do. Boston was very nervous about it at first. I think he remembered back to the time we tried out gymnastics at the huge gymnastics facility and he was totally overwhelmed by how many people and activities were going on and never tried it. But today there were only the two of them at first and then one other little 5 year old boy joined in. They really seemed to like it and I liked it because this form really seems to emphasis focus, being calm and respect. By the end Dallas really wanted to just come sit down because he was getting very frustrated because I think it might have been hard for him crossing the midline with so many exercises. He said he was hard and started crying. But I think it's probably exactly what he needs. I was very impressed with the patience of the instructor, especially with Dallas. So it looks like this will be what we are doing for sports right now. I keep reading about how beneficial it is for children with Sensory Processing Disorder (what Dallas has) and also how great it is for Kinesthitic learners. So here we go!! Really excited about it!

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