Friday, September 2, 2011

Making journaling a priority

Wow life is moving so fast for me right now that it all seems to be such a big blur at moments. People often ask me how in the world I have time to do a blog with everything else going on in my life and the answer is very simple. If I don't make time to do it I feel like life is quickly slipping threw my fingers like sand. And once the sand has fallen there is no way to remember the grains I was just holding onto. Once I have put something into writing it just feels more like it really happened and I'm not as worried I might forget it. Especially now since it feels more and more like I'm losing brain cells with each night of homework. (It's sometimes hard to believe I was once very good at Calculus and took AP classes in high school.)

I saw a notebook at Target that had the cover above. I had to take a picture of it because it summed up my writing in a way I had never really thought about before. "We write to taste life twice."'s so sweet. And here I have been running a race with school starting, new therapies and diagnosis with the kids, my photography business, starting to shoot for Disney, 4 kids (really that one alone is enough).

There's many nights I sit down lately with a stack of things to do that would put anyone on medication and the last thing I feel like doing at the moment is adding blog writing to it. But if I don't the tension builds in me. I can feel the stress strangling me. I worry about losing moments, forgetting the little things the kids do. And then I realize that it's been several days since I've written and recorded the amazing moments in my life. I'm so blessed with so much.

I do hope that my crazy rambling helps you in some way. If you aren't recording your daily moments I really encourage you to do so. If it's only a few sentences each day. You will cherish them in the future.

So write people!

Take the time.

You will be happy you did and one day your kids will thank you!

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Melissa said...

I agree-I have always loved writing and that (coupled with wanting to record our precious memories) was why I started blogging too. Keep writing!